Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

  • The Interior Designer Dilemma: Which Wood Should I Choose?

    While designing a new living room for your home or ordering furniture for a creative space, custom options can present host of problems. Are you willing to cover the cost? What are the most "in" styles? Is one type of wood better than another? From inexpensive simple pieces to dressers or bedside tables with intricate, complex details, find out which types of wood are best for your project. Before reading on, keep in mind your budget, expected turnaround time, durability and style of your desired custom furniture.

  • Holiday Decorating in a Room Full of Teak: Tips and Inspiration

    If you are decorating a room full of teak furniture for the holidays, you need decorations that can coordinate with your furniture. Regardless what style of teak furniture you have or the tones expressed in your wood, these tips can help guide you. Enjoy a tasteful and coordinated holiday look with these five ideas: 1.  Embrace warm shades of orange and red. If your teak furniture features orangey undertones, complement your furniture with holiday decorations in warm shades of orange and red.

  • Restaurant Furniture | 3 Golden Rules To Boost Your Café Business With Restaurant Chairs

    Choosing your restaurant furniture will impact the way your café does business. The right type of restaurant furniture will attract the right clientele, while the wrong kind may attract no one at all to your café. Not only do people want to enjoy good food and a cup of coffee, but they also want to sit in comfort with the right kind of ambience. These golden rules are designed to help you boost your café's business by choosing the right type of restaurant chairs.

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Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

Hello. I’m Paul. I’m a house builder and in recent years, I’ve loved the trend in which indoor and outdoor areas have become blurred to make versatile living spaces. I really enjoy visiting my clients after the house is finished. In particular, I like to see the creative ways they use furniture to enhance these flexible living spaces. Surprisingly, there is no single trend in the way that these houses are furnished. Wooden, plastic and metal pieces can all be seen and people use a mix of modern, upcycled and older items. From discussions with clients, I’ve learnt a lot about different styles and suppliers of quality furniture. For others out there who are looking for furniture or simply fascinated by the incredible range on offer, I’ve started this blog to share the most interesting ideas I come across. I hope you enjoy my entries.