Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

5 Ways an Adjustable Bed Will Help Help Your Back Pain

by Catalina Gomez

If you suffer from chronic back pain, a quality adjustable bed might be just what the doctor ordered. Here are 5 ways these beds can help alleviate back pain during the night.

1. Introduces you to a whole new world of options 

An adjustable bed gives you more options to get comfortable at night. If you have been experiencing muscle tension or joint pain after sleeping on a new mattress, it's likely that the mattress is simply not ideal for your body type or preferred sleeping position. An adjustable bed allows you to change the position of your mattress with a simple touch of a button. This adds a level of comfort that is beyond what you can get from buying new pillows or getting an extra blanket.

2. Helps you bid your goodbyes to contracted muscles

Adjustable beds help relieve pressure points on your body, which can help significantly reduce back pain. When you sleep at night, your muscles will contract and relax as they adjust to the area under your body weight. If you're carrying a few extra pounds, it is likely that this weight will become concentrated on certain areas near bones and joints. This can cause you to wake up with aches and pains in the morning. An adjustable bed can help reduce some of that pressure by compressing and caving the mattress somewhat.

3. Minimises tension in your body

Tight muscles are more likely to cause pain than loose ones. If your muscles are tight, it is likely that they will be painful during the day as well as while you sleep. Using an adjustable bed allows you to gently stretch and strengthen your muscles at night while you rest. This helps to alleviate muscle tightness and ease tension in your body before it leads to pain over time.

4. Improves circulation

Adjustable beds help improve blood circulation throughout your body. A good night's sleep is important to the overall health of your body. Your body needs to circulate blood throughout your system to eliminate toxins and chemicals which could cause inflammation and pain. Having an adjustable bed with a massage function can enhance circulation by keeping your muscles relaxed and comfortable during the night.

5. Shields you from more serious conditions

Adjustable beds can reduce your risk of more serious health conditions. There are many benefits to having an adjustable bed, but it can also help you stay healthy by preventing the type of tissue damage that could lead to serious conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis. If any of these issues are affecting you, then an adjustable bed may be able to ease the pain and increase your mobility with just a simple push-button.

For more information, contact an adjustable bed supplier.


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Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

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