Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

Holiday Decorating in a Room Full of Teak: Tips and Inspiration

by Catalina Gomez

If you are decorating a room full of teak furniture for the holidays, you need decorations that can coordinate with your furniture. Regardless what style of teak furniture you have or the tones expressed in your wood, these tips can help guide you. Enjoy a tasteful and coordinated holiday look with these five ideas:

1.  Embrace warm shades of orange and red.

If your teak furniture features orangey undertones, complement your furniture with holiday decorations in warm shades of orange and red. Let a roaring fire serve as the inspiration for your decorative palette, and explore ideas such as red stockings, orange twinkly lights and ornaments with golden accents.

2. Play with bright greens.

Instead of complementing your teak furniture with warm colours, consider contrasting it with cool colours. Instead of traditional holiday evergreen and other dark shades of green, play with cool shades of green. Imagine bright, summery or even neon greens.

Incorporate light green streamers or Chinese lanterns into your decor or serve your meals on bright green plates.

3. Don't forget about blue.

Historically, blue is a popular colour in the decorations for many December holidays, and when trying to bring out your teak furniture, you shouldn't forget about the power of blue.

If you are putting up a tree, consider a blue conifer instead of a green tree, or cover your home in other blue decorations. Like green, blue creates a cool contrast to warm teak furniture, and if your furniture has a silvery patina, the blue will highlight the silver.

4. Make it silver and sparkly.

The silver patina on a lot of teak furniture gives it its classic appeal, and when you decorate for the holidays, consider bringing out the patina on your furniture with silver decorations. Hang silver tinsel on your tree, light silver candles and serve dishes on silver platters.

5. Enhance the wood with oil.

In addition to choosing holiday colours that will highlight your teak furniture, also consider bringing out the beauty of your furniture. If your teak furniture looks dull or knacked, give it a lift for the holidays by rubbing it with teak oil.

If it has scratches, lightly sand them out before applying the oil. If possible, apply the oil before you choose the rest of your decorations. The oil may bring out different undertones, and you may want to look at them before you make final decisions on the rest of your decor.

For more inspiration for decorating around your teak furniture, contact a teak expert. You can also click here for more info on working with teak furniture in your home. 



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Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

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