Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

The Interior Designer Dilemma: Which Wood Should I Choose?

by Catalina Gomez

While designing a new living room for your home or ordering furniture for a creative space, custom options can present host of problems. Are you willing to cover the cost? What are the most "in" styles? Is one type of wood better than another?

From inexpensive simple pieces to dressers or bedside tables with intricate, complex details, find out which types of wood are best for your project. Before reading on, keep in mind your budget, expected turnaround time, durability and style of your desired custom furniture.


A lightweight, slight yellow-tinged wood, pine is commonly used for its low cost and ability to emulate rustic, antique pieces. Perfect for an updated farmhouse, kid's room, or even a bookshelf waiting to be painted, pine can be the perfect option for homeowners on a budget. While it can withstand environmental effects like shrinking or swelling, its malleability means scratches, and dents are easily made in the surface.


High-end homes with hardwood often choose this deep-red, rich-colored wood as their ideal flooring choice. The grain is also uniform, so regardless of the origin of the pieces, they blend well together and won't look ill matched. Similar to pine, cherry is easily bent, carved, or shaped, but its one downside is the price tag that accompanies its beauty.


While more popular a few decades ago, oak is still respectable choice for custom furniture or flooring and trim. Its graininess also makes it a perfect choice for rustic themed homes, and its durability allows it to withstand decades of use with little upkeep. Even resistant to warping, one of the only cons to this hardy material is the difficulty in staining the wood, but using it naturally is always the best way to go anyways.


Walnut's draw is in its versatility, as the range of colors it comes in is unmatched in other trees. While the multi-toned look may not be for everyone, many interior designers believe it adds a natural look and softness to a room. Often found in dining room tables, headboards, or even cabinets, walnut is one of the sturdiest options available that make it a great candidate for intricate carvings or engravings. Its beauty does come with an expensive upfront cost, but this wood can last tens of years in the right home or environment.

Although the four above options are only a fraction of the current market offerings, they should allow you to narrow down your options and determine just what you need. You can get more information from companies like Dream Design Furniture & Upholstery.


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Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

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