Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

  • 4 Reasons to Add Height-Adjustable Desks to Your Office

    You've probably heard of standing desks, and you might even have thought about installing a few in your office. However, you can also invest in adjustable-height desks that can go from sitting desk to standing desk in just a few seconds. There are plenty of reasons why you should add them to your office, and here are just four. 1. Easy Adjustment for Different Team Members   Unless you happen to clone your workforce, each person's body is going to be a little different.

  • 3 Steps to Arranging Bedroom Furniture Easily

    Are you planning to buy new bedroom furniture for an apartment which you are moving into? Read on and discover the easy steps that will help you to arrange that furniture effortlessly. Step 1: Do Some Visualisation  It can be very hard to arrange bedroom furniture if you haven't invested time in creating an image of what you would like your bedroom to look like once all the furniture is in the room.

  • Preparing your furniture for a move

    Moving from one state to another can be a lot of work, particularly if you have to move your furniture. Hiring a qualified interstate removalist takes a lot of the effort out of it, but if you want to make your move as easy as possible you'll still need to do a little work to prepare your furniture for moving. Make a plan Wherever possible, create a floor plan for your new home.

  • Guess Who's Coming to Your BBQ Dinner: Top Tips for Making Your Vegetarian Guest Feel at Home

    There's nothing like the summer for getting together to enjoy a barbie with friends. Anticipating the taste of smoky barbeque-flavoured food is enough to make most people's mouth water. But, what if one of your guests is a vegetarian? Don't panic; this guide will help you ensure your vegetarian guest enjoys the day too. Don't Cross-Contaminate Food Types It's not just about the food you serve to your vegetarian guest -- it's also about how you prepare it.

  • Buy Recyclable Building Materials to Cut Down Construction Costs

    Are you contemplating on building a new home or office? Whatever construction project you are to embark on, you would do well to save on the costs of building materials and furniture. The ever rising cost of building materials is a difficult trend to cope with. Using building materials will make it easy for you to accomplish your project easily and used furniture to stock up your finished building when it is complete.

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Seated With Style: Latest Trends For Furnishing Spaces

Hello. I’m Paul. I’m a house builder and in recent years, I’ve loved the trend in which indoor and outdoor areas have become blurred to make versatile living spaces. I really enjoy visiting my clients after the house is finished. In particular, I like to see the creative ways they use furniture to enhance these flexible living spaces. Surprisingly, there is no single trend in the way that these houses are furnished. Wooden, plastic and metal pieces can all be seen and people use a mix of modern, upcycled and older items. From discussions with clients, I’ve learnt a lot about different styles and suppliers of quality furniture. For others out there who are looking for furniture or simply fascinated by the incredible range on offer, I’ve started this blog to share the most interesting ideas I come across. I hope you enjoy my entries.